Check out our new feature: NekoPlaza Vocabulary Lists

Oct 6th, 2014

We’re happy to announce a great news with you. Since day one, we’ve been working on launching new features that help our members learn together. Today we would like to introduce you to our Vocabulary Lists. NekoPlaza members can easily create, contribute and learn together on any Vocabulary Lists.

Easily Create Vocabulary Lists

Create Vocabulary Lists

Everyone can now create Vocabulary Lists on any topic. We believe that if you can learn 10 new words everyday, you’ll be able to learn and speak faster. Feel free to browse through all existing vocabulary lists created by our amazing community.

Add Vocabulary Words

Pick a topic, add new words and your vocabulary list is ready. Not only you’ll be able to remember words faster, the whole NekoPlaza community will benefit from your new list.

Contribute To Vocabulary Lists

Contribute to Vocabulary Lists

You can also contribute to existing Vocabulary Lists by adding your words or correct mistakes. It will improve the quality of all vocabulary lists. The whole NekoPlaza community will thank you.

Use Flashcards to easily remember words

Flashcards NekoPlaza Vocabulary

Use Flashcards NekoPlaza Vocabulary

Finally, an awesome way to learn new words is to make use of interactive Flashcards. Flip the flashcard to see the translation and slide to the left to go to the next flashcard. Whenever you create a vocabulary list, flashcards are automatically generated.

No more excuses, time to create your first vocabulary list HERE!

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